Nordisk konferanse i eksistensiell helse 2022

Årets tema: Climate Psychology, existential Health, and Sustainable Future

Årets nordiske konferanse i eksistensiell helse / religionspsykologi er viet eksistensielle sider ved klimautfordringene under temaet Climate Psychology, Existential Health and Sustainable Future. Konferansen går over to dager og vi adresserer både kliniske og forskningsmessige aspekter.
Spørsmål vi vil løfte fram på konferansen er hvordan vi psykisk og eksistensielt forholder oss til en global økokrise. Hvilken rolle spiller religion og ideelle fellesskap? Endres vårt forhold til naturen? Skjer det en sakralisering av natur, og hvilken rolle spiller det eventuelt for bærekraftige måter å leve på? Skaper klimatrusselen former for sorg – der vi opplever at vi taper noe av det stabile og trygge i tilværelsen og må leve med større grad av eksistensiell utrygghet?

Konferansen gir også rom for nye inputs av faglig og eksistensiell art, god samtaler og kulturopplevelser. VI er stolte av å ha med den samiske multikunstneren Matti Aikio, som vil bidra mandag kveld. Velkommen til konferanse i oktober!

English intro

Dato: 24. – 25. oktober 2022
Sted: Honne hotell og konferansesenter, Biri


Foredragsholdere (kommer snart)

Påmelding (kommer snart)

Nordic conference for Psychology of Religion 2021

We are delighted to present to you the program for the 13th Nordic conference for Psychology of Religion.

The conference will take place on the 25th – 26th Oct. 2021 at Honne Conference Center in Biri, Norway.

! Please note that the dates are changed from what is previously communicated, based on feedback !

Meaning, Identity and Corona psyche: With this main theme we are focusing on how the corona crisis was experienced by individuals, and what challenges arose and are still arising for professional care and treatment.

Our prominent speaker lineup sets the tone in the field in a Nordic/ European perspective and will guide us through comprehensive research in the field, touching upon surrounding questions. How can such a crisis situation affect us and our psychosocial functioning? Herein included issues like crisis and identity, the role of the helper – its possibilities and limitations, meaning in life in times of crisis, various mastery techniques when emotional turmoil hits, cultural perspectives and conspiracy attitudes.

It will be possible for participants to introduce their own presentations in parallel sessions, and as always we will ensure that there is room for those good talks with old colleagues and new. Honne hotel and conference center is placed on a hillside with an outlook over Biri and the Mjøsbridge. This unique setting gives a spectacular view of Norway’s biggest lake Mjøsa, and the surrounding countryside. Hiking trails to even more spectacular view points are immediately available on site.

Having lived through a year of corona cancellations, including that of our conference, we are very much looking forward to seeing you, and we sincerely hope that it will be possible to do so.

Based on the current covid-situation we are planning and making arrangements for physical attendence. However, should we not be able to see this through, all costs pertaining to accomodation will be refunded and we will look to make the arena digital at a reduced participation cost.